You Can't save the world xo 12:23 AM

Want to know why I hate her?

You don’t know this
But the day your dad died
I cried.
A pained cry
That I would repeat
Week after week
As I lay curled on cotton sheets
Phone pressed to ear
Cold gray smears of mascara
below tired eyes
begging my mom for some way
Any way
That I could make you just a little less broken.

Our eyes seemed to dance
Just out of reach
Never meeting for more than
A tongue-tied second.
I hardly knew you
But as we walked I whispered
My dad almost died this year… brain tumors
You nodded
But my words just bounced off cracked pavement
And tangled themselves in the tall grass.
I knew it wasn’t enough
But it was all I had.

So there we were
Thrown together in a moment
Two people
With fresh burns.
You needed a friend
I needed somewhere hide.
I’d like to think we both found
- If only for a flash -
What we were searching for.
Or maybe just distraction.

             You don’t know this
but they day I realized I had fallen for you
I cried.
A pained cry
Because now she was back in your life
Slipping seamlessly into place
Offering me a mocking glance
because she knew
         Without trying
All the ways
To make you less broken.

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